Tight Knot Cedar

First Sort Tight Knot Cedar

Kingston Lumber is proud to offer First Sort, a kiln-dried Tight Knot cedar product that provides:

  • Better usability
  • Reduced likelihood of insect damage
  • Increased strength
  • Better hold
  • Better finishing
  • Less chance of cupping and cracking
  • Better preservation

Why Kiln Dried?

Wood shrinks as it loses moisture and swells as it gains moisture. It should be dried to the percentage of moisture content it will have during use. As wood dries below 30% moisture content, most strength properties increase. Nails, screws and glue all hold better in seasoned wood. Paints and finishes adhere better to seasoned wood. Dry wood is a better thermal insulator than most wood preservatives.

Primed Tight Knot Cedar
Primed Tight Knot Cedar

Fascia & Decking

Fascia S1S2E is surfaced on one side & two edges. This product is chosen for its visual beauty so you can use First Sort Tight Knot Cedar for your most visible areas. It has a beautiful look and superior finishing.

Cedar used in an entryway